Bio Digester
Installation & Maintenance

A Bio Digester is a modern septic tank. The human waste is decomposed using high grade aerobic and an-aerobic bacteria. The bacteria convert the human waste into Methene Gas & Water. This eliminates the need to exhaust the waste hence saving you money. 

We do Bio Digester Installtion & Maintenance. The Bio Digester tanks are of different sizes depending on your needs.
Standard: This is the smallest size and it can handle between 1–20 people (continuous users). This is the best size for residential properties .
Jumbo: This size can handle upto 100 continuous users. It is ideal for mid sized establishments such as partments, hotels, churches…etc.
Jumbo Deluxe: This size can handle upto 400 continous users. It is ideal for large establishments such as Malls, Schools, Hospitals…etc.
We also fabricate custom sizes depending on the size of users in the project.
Features Of A Bio Digester
  • No smells in toilets from the tanks:
    Traditional toilets and septic tanks have an awefull smell. Especially when full. Bio Digesters have no smell.
  • No infestation of cockroaches and flies:
    Houseflies & Cockroches are attracted by the oweful smell. Since Bio Digester have no smell, insects are not attracted to it.
  • No clogging of the Bio Digester:
    The systematic process allows for fast and effective movement and treatment of waste.
  • Reduction in pathogens:
    By the third chamber, the pathogens will have reduced, allowing the water to be used in the soil.
  • Reduction in organic matter:
    The waste is treated to become water and gases.
  • Minimal maintenance required:
    Very low maintenance compared to septic tanks.
  • No need for removal of solid waste:
    No expensive exhausters to empty the septic tanks.
  • Fecal matter in the tank is not visible: 
    The tanks feature enclosed anaerobic environments.
How A Bio Digester Works

A Bio-digester works with a digestive process called anaerobic digestion. The process entails waste moving into chambers where bacteria act on it. The end product is gas and water.
A bio-digester has three chambers; a grease interceptor, a biological digester, and the soak area.
These three segments treat the waste. They remove the bad smell and decompose the solids. The end product is gas and water. A Bio Digester doesn’t need cleaning or emptying.

Benefits OfA Bio Digester
  • No septic tank pumping  (maintenance free)
  • Occupies small space
  • It is cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No bad ouder
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